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Welcome to Lycée Etienne Mimard

Par NICOLAS GESSEN, publié le jeudi 14 décembre 2017 18:03 - Mis à jour le jeudi 14 décembre 2017 18:04
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Welcome to Lycée Etienne Mimard, EITC !

For 4 years now our school has been hosting an Irish theatre company: EMERALD ISLE THEATRE COMPANY. This troup of very young but talented actors perform plays in English for our pupils in Euro classes. Last December 11th, they played for us a play called “On My Way”, the story of a girl who decides to live an incredible adventure out of love…

 Everybody enjoyed the show and cheered when the actors started chatting with the public at the end of the play! Most of the pupils (and teachers?) realized they could understand a story in English, which encouraged them for the forthcoming exams of the Bac…

The particularity of this show is that every year, the actors will ask a group of French pupils to play with them on stage! The volunteers rehearse their roles one hour before the show & then they’re ready to jump on stage when the actors call them. Who knows? It might trigger off some vocations…

This year, Hugo, Théo, Mohamed, Pierre, Ines and Maelys agreed to be the stars of the day! We all thank them for their talented participation.

F. Fourure